The whole team at Eterno 360° strive to give you the best possible care in every way, from helping you learn more about your treatment or procedure to looking after you into the long term. This is our promise to you:

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Face to Face is Best

We want to make sure all your concerns and questions are answered before you go ahead. After your first consultation, all future ones will not be charged, either before or after your procedure, no matter how many times you need to talk things through.

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There is a money-back guarantee on your consultation. If you are not suitable for a procedure then you will not be charged a consultation fee. If you go on to have surgery that involves implants, these will also be covered under the manufacturer's warranty.

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All Lines are Open

Undergoing any procedure can feel daunting. To keep things as comfortable for you as possible, we'll communicate however you prefer - by phone, email, SMS, WhatsApp, social messaging or post. We even have a fax machine tucked away somewhere. Try us!

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Being looked after properly after a procedure is as important as the procedure itself. You will receive detailed aftercare guidelines for treatments, and regular postoperative follow-up with both your surgeon and nursing staff - no hidden charges.

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yours forever

We will offer you annual follow-up, for free, forever. If you can’t attend in person we can do it virtually. If in the future you would like another treatment or procedure, we will not charge a new consultation fee - even for totally unrelated conditions.

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any problems?

We are proud to have a very high rate of patient satisfaction and strive to maintain this. However, if you are not satisfied with the outcome of your treatment or surgery and things can be made better, we will do everything we can to do so.