Many people hate the look of their ears and often resort to covering them up with their hair or hats. Ear Correction surgery pins back ears that ‘stick out’, and can also be used to reduce the size of very large ear lobes. This surgery is ideal for restoring the confidence of those who are self-conscious or unhappy about the way their ears look.

The standard operation involves an incision behind the back of the ear and some internal sutures to reshape the cartilage of the ears thereby holding them in place. However we also offer a newer alternative procedure called earFold surgery. This involves a small cut to the outer ear, hidden at the rim, through which a shaped metal implant is inserted to recreate the fold of the ear. The procedure is generally done in outpatients rather than a full operating theatre.


key treatment areas

Prominent ear correction targets protruding or prominent ears, and is suitable for both adults and children. It can also be used to reduce the size of large earlobes or reshape irregular shaped ears.

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Fulvio’s Advice

If your ears are something you’re very conscious about, having them corrected can give you a new lease of life and more confidence. Try not to do anything which would involve bending the ears for 2-3 weeks following surgery.



Pain can be managed easily with painkillers. Sleeping on your back is advised to avoid pain. Bulky bandages will be taken off after 3-4 days, and replaced with a headband to be worn at night. You will be recovered within 2 weeks.





I knew I was in good hands as soon as I met him as he has such a calm manner and professional demeanor. Fulvio is a perfectionist, really knows his stuff and makes everything that he does look so natural. I am so glad that I found him, he genuinely cares and I cannot recommend him highly enough.
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What can’t a Prominent Ear Correction do? +

Ear correction surgery cannot completely alter the shape of ears and does not improve hearing in any way

What’s involved in a Prominent Ear Correction procedure? +

Your surgeon will make a cut on the back of one or both ears. The cartilage inside is then trimmed, sculpted or folded using fine stitches as needed. The cuts are then stitched up and bandages applied to hold your ears in their new positions. The procedure takes around one to two hours to complete, depending on the amount of work required. You will have either a local or a general anaesthetic and it’s unlikely you will have to stay overnight in hospital.

What is earFold surgery? +

We also use a new technique called earFold surgery which involves a small cut to the outer ear, hidden at the rim, through which a shaped metal implant is inserted to recreate the fold of the ear. The procedure is generally outside of the operating theatre.

Your recovery from Prominent Ear Correction surgery +

Your bulky bandages will be removed after three to four days, after which a headband will need to be worn at night for two weeks. You can expect to recover fully within two weeks. It is wise to avoid any activity that may cause your ears to bend for at least one week.

What are the possible side effects of a Prominent Ear Correction surgery? +

You may experience nausea from the anaesthetic, followed by bruising, swelling and some soreness. You may even notice a slight loss of hearing as a result of the swelling but this should last no longer than a few days. In general, all side effects should have subsided within a week.

Your results from a Prominent Ear Correction +

Ear correction surgery is a permanent procedure to set back or reshape ears. Because cuts are made behind your ears, small scars are left close to the groove between the ear and the side of your head.